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Joseph Zbukvic Dvd 1

Joseph Zbukvic DVD 1: Planning Your Painting

Joseph Zbukvic is a renowned watercolour artist who was born in Croatia and now lives in Melbourne, Australia. He has won over 200 awards for his work and is highly regarded as a tutor. He travels widely in search of subjects and shares his amazing watercolour techniques in his instructional DVDs.

Joseph Zbukvic Dvd 1


The first DVD in his series is titled "Planning Your Painting" and it features Joseph painting in Rome, Italy. In this DVD, he shows us the importance of planning your painting, concentrating on the fundamentals of selecting a subject and composition. He suggests that we avoid the obvious and emphasizes the value of observation and drawing. He then uses these ideas to produce pencil drawings and watercolours of various corners of Romea market, along the river Tiber, a quiet street and outside the Pantheon. He finishes the film by painting a large studio watercolour of the Piazza Del Populo that we see him sketch in situ.

This DVD is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn how to plan their painting and create beautiful watercolours with atmosphere and mood. Joseph explains his process clearly and demonstrates his skills with confidence and ease. He also shares some tips and tricks on how to handle different weather conditions, light effects, perspective and colour mixing. He shows us how to capture the essence of the scene with simple shapes, values and edges.

If you are interested in buying this DVD, you can find it on [Joseph's website], [APV Films website] or [Amazon]. You can also watch some previews of his other DVDs on [APV Films website] or [YouTube]. You will surely be inspired by Joseph's watercolour impressions and learn a lot from his planning your painting approach.


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