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Chrono Trigger Resurrection Down

Why Chrono Trigger Resurrection Was Cancelled and What Fans Can Do About It

Chrono Trigger Resurrection was a fan-made project that aimed to remake the classic SNES RPG Chrono Trigger in 3D. The project started in 1999 as CT64, a Nintendo 64 version of the game, and later evolved into a PC demo with 10 scenes from the original game. The project was led by Nathan Lazur, a passionate fan of Chrono Trigger, and involved a team of talented artists, designers, and programmers.

Chrono Trigger Resurrection Down

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However, in 2004, the project was shut down by Square-Enix, the owner of Chrono Trigger, who issued a cease-and-desist letter to Resurrection Games for trademark and copyright infringement. The letter claimed that the project was damaging Square-Enix's reputation and intellectual property rights, and demanded that all development and distribution of Chrono Trigger Resurrection be stopped immediately.

The cancellation of Chrono Trigger Resurrection was a huge disappointment for many fans of the game, who had been following its progress and looking forward to playing it. The project had received critical and popular praise for its faithful and impressive recreation of Chrono Trigger's world, characters, and music in 3D. Some fans even hoped that Square-Enix would recognize the project's potential and support it officially, or at least allow it to be released as a non-profit tribute.

Unfortunately, Square-Enix has not shown any interest in reviving Chrono Trigger Resurrection or developing a new Chrono Trigger game. The last official release of Chrono Trigger was in 2011, when it was ported to iOS and Android devices. Since then, the game has been largely neglected by Square-Enix, despite its enduring popularity and influence.

So what can fans do about it? One option is to support other fan-made projects that are inspired by Chrono Trigger, such as Chrono Cross: Crimson Echoes, a ROM hack that serves as a sequel to both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross; or Project Zeal, a fan game that explores the backstory of Magus and his kingdom. These projects are not affiliated with Square-Enix and are made by fans for fans, so they are less likely to be shut down by legal action.

Another option is to petition Square-Enix to revive Chrono Trigger Resurrection or create a new Chrono Trigger game. Fans can use social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to voice their opinions and demand that Square-Enix respect their wishes. Fans can also use online platforms such as or Kickstarter to create campaigns and raise funds for their cause. These methods may not guarantee success, but they can show Square-Enix that there is still a large and loyal fan base for Chrono Trigger.

Chrono Trigger Resurrection may be down, but it is not forgotten. It remains as a testament to the love and dedication of Chrono Trigger fans, who have kept the game alive for over two decades. Fans can still hope that one day, they will be able to experience Chrono Trigger in 3D, or in a new adventure that will honor its legacy. c481cea774


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