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The School Teacher Edwige Fenech Torrent

Before the first day of school it is important to establish a routine for yourself. For those of you who are new to teaching, this is one of the most important jobs of the year. Beginning the day with a solid routine creates a sense of reliability and confidence, and also serves as a reminder of your duties.

The School Teacher Edwige Fenech Torrent


Obviously the first day is all about entering the school and making a good impression. Teachers need to show up prepared and be ready to greet students on their first day. As they walk through the door, ask your students who needs a first period, second period or gym. Are there any students in need of special accommodations? Consider bringing a notebook for students who feel anxious about speaking in front of a class full of unfamiliar faces. Are any students on the outside looking in who could benefit from a few extra lessons? Recognizing who needs help and getting started on your lesson plan the first day ensures that youll have time to spend with students who need extra help or focus. Additionally, youll know that you have the time and energy to connect with your students.

Take time to prepare for the first day of school. Whether you are new to the profession or returning after a long break, youll likely return to school with a slew of anxieties and questions about the year to come. Preparation and planning helps to eliminate some of those anxieties and questions the first day, and provide answers you can share with students.

Recognize that the first day is only the beginning of the school year, not the end. This is the time to make friends with your students and be friendly and welcoming. Engaging students in the first day teaches them that their teachers want to welcome them to class. Making friends will also make it easier to get to know your students strengths and weaknesses and tailor your approach and lessons.


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